Brief History

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a small first step.Ours also began with renovation jobs and extensions of existing bungalows which seemed pretty insignificant then.

But today we execute end to end turnkey projects for our clients. Something that started off with a tiny step in the year 2010 has now turned into a massive enterprise of grand proportions. We are innovating, improvising and growing for a better constructed future!

Our Vision

We dream of a township where projects are not just some bricks put together rather where projects reflect strength of character and ambition and stay true to the people for whom these projects are undertaken.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop better and better a synergy of ideas that helps us and our people-resource to grow in a mutually beneficial environment.

Core Values

Trust If we claim our people to be our greatest strength then it goes without saying that their trust is definitely a top priority for us. We strive endlessly to win and maintain the trust of our employees as well as our clients.

Integrity We compromise our values for nothing! We believe in competing with integrity and it is our steadfast belief that this integrity is what helps us win the race.

Compassion We at Ameya Enterprises are strong believers in compassion towards all life forms, that is why we ensure that our projects pose no threat to the environment.


We are nothing if not for the quality of our execution of our undertakings! We understand that a rigorous quality check is a point of differentiation between us and our competitors in the market.

Our Team

We have a team of highly dedicated and passionate employees who make it their mission to deliver exactly what is promised to our valued clients.

Also, we are strong advocates of the notion that people perform at their very best when they do a job that is in line with their interests and aptitudes. We make it a point to understand the specific skills that each of our employees bring to the table and assign them a job that does those skills justice.

Such specialised job allocation makes up for a hassle-free and professional execution of ideas on as well as off-site. With a team that is this dedicated and skilled, we ensure nothing less than state-of the-art completion of complex projects within stipulated time and budget.